Cotton Felt

Polyester felt is a 100% Synthetic Fiber Felt which is comparatively cheaper compared to other natural fibers such as wool fiber. Polyester felt is manufactured by Needling process. This process ensures that all the fibers are mechanically interlocked and if required are chemically bonded also. Application of polyester felt is very wide. We are manufacturer of Cotton felt and hair felt. Contact us to buy Cotton felt online. Polyester being a synthetic fiber has certain advantages like reaction with other chemicals and acids. We are manufacturer and supplier of hair felt. Synthetic Felt is more attractive because it more cheaper than traditional wool felt, they are generally used as an alternate of wool felt. Animals hairs is wide used for felt making. Plushes are piled felt fabric which is made from combining natural & synthetic fibers it is protective thick felt available in roll form. A wide variety of thickness, pile fibers is available. Recycled fiber and waste fiber is used in making removal felt . For Furniture moving and packing economical felt is used.

Polyester Synthetic felt

polyester felt
Polyester felt

Synthetic Felt Fabric
Synthetic Felt Fabric

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