Felt is Nonwoven Compressed fabric where Wool fibers are entangled with each other as Heat , Moisture , Friction / Pressure is applied on them .

All Wool shrinks and entangle itself more and more with other wool fibers as Heat, Moisture , Friction / Pressure is applied on them resulting what is called felt .  

For Example : Any Woollen Sweater is continuously washed with Hot water it will start to shrink and felt .

Any Wool can be felted . We should use Carded Wool for making felt . The best quality for making felt is Merino .


History of Felt

Felt is one of the oldest fabric known to man . It was discovered when some Wool was placed inside the foot covering . As the man walked the heat of atmosphere combined with the friction / pressure of his footsteps and the moisture produced by his sweat the Wool started to shrink and became wool felt .


How to make Felt


Put a Netting Cloth or beach mat or any strong fabric on a table , make sure that the cloth / mat is bigger than the size of Layer of Carded Wool . Make a Layer of Carded Wool on the Netting cloth / mat . Put second layer of Carded Wool in opposite direction ( horizontally ) , Crosswise to First layer . Again put another layer in same direction of first layer . We have repeat this process and to make a thick layers . ( Carded Wool is placed in opposite direction because to make the wool fibers entangle itself much faster.) Put another piece of Netting cloth / mat or any strong fabric on top of it .

We can use different colours of Carded Wool Layer to make the felt more Colourful . These layers of Carded wool look like a thick & fluffy material .


Pour some Warm Soapy water all over it . Now using your hands start pressing down and shake your hand on it so that the fibres starts to entangle itself . You will see the thickness starts to reduce . We can also Roll up the Fabric / Netting Cloth and squeeze the soapy water out and again we have to pour some soapy water to it . We have to repeat this process of applying pressure and friction from our hand . The more and harder we work more the felt becomes harder and dense .


We will continue this process until we are satisfied with the finish & feel of felt , we should use normal water to clean the soapy water out  completely .

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