merino wool felt

Wool felt can be made from different grades of wool , so we can offer you wool felt in many grades like A grade Felt , B Grade felt. Also in ABA format. Wool is available in different microns. Depending upon the micron the Quality is defined. Wool can be fine or coarse / rough . sheep wool felt , lamb wool felt are fine quality felt. Hair felt includes coarse wool felt, rough wool felt are available and are lot cheaper than fine white felt / merino wool felt. We can also manufacture wool from super fine wool fiber and can offer you super fine felt. Felt can also be made from carbonized wool which is a process where all impurity of wool are removed. Felt can be manufactured in any shape and size. Pure quality of wool is used to manufacture 100% wool felt. Pure felt can be manufactured from carbonised wool which is pure wool felt . Buy pure merino sheep wool felt online from us.

carbonised felt

Merino Wool felt
Merino Wool felt

Carbonised felt Fabric
Carbonized Felt

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