Soft Felt

soft felt fabric

soft felt

Soft Felt is easy to mould material which is not hard or rough and feel pleasant and smooth when touched, cut, compress, or folded . Soft wool felt is a soft felt material which can be made from wool and other fibers. It is very soft . We can Manufacture in different colors like soft green felt and soft yellow felt.



Soft Felt Fabric
soft felt fabric

■ soft felt cloth ■ soft wool felt fabric

soft felt pads

Soft felt Pads is not hard it is firm to the touch. Soft touch felt pads is manufactured in thick like 1/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1".
We make Soft felt pad for furniture. Soft touch nail on felt pads is used under chairs and tables.
soft felt bass drumbeater

Soft felt bass drum beater is used as mallet in soft felt beater for gong bells . Soft felt plectrums and soft felt picks for playing guitars .



Uses :

■ felt soft book ■ soft felt bag ■ soft felt keyboard carrying case
■ soft felt slippers ■ soft felt blankets ■ soft felt coat
■ soft seal window felt ■ soft felt plate dividers ■ structural soft felt lining


soft seal window felt

 ■ soft adhesive felt ■ soft felt flowers ■ soft felt squeegee ■ soft felt nibs

Foam Felt

felt covered foam & foam backed felt is used in felt crafts . Gluing felt to foam is done through special adhesive where felt and foam is bonded. Felt foam padding is used in padding like Sponge felt insoles in Shoes where a very soft wool felt gives sponge like cushioning to feet .  

felt foam padding

Soft felt wheel ■ Soft felt sheets ■ soft felt roll ■ soft felt strip ■ soft felt tape

Soft wool felt is used for polishing, packing and provides cushioning.
soft wool felt

A soft felt hat is made from wool felt. Also known as soft felt fedora it is used as cowboy hat and army hat.

We manufacture cheap and economical soft felt hammer toe cushion.


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