Technical Felt

Technical felt is a Special Grade felt which is used in technical applications when a specific performance is required from felt. Technical felt is crafted with precision techniques according to very exact specification in order that it can carry out specific technical performance and engineering functions in its end use.


The range of felt technical data sheet are

High Density Range:  from Soft - 0.18 grams/cm3 to Hard 0.40 grams/gm3. Higher densities are also available.

Thickness: Technical felt is manufactured in thickness from 3 mm to 30 mm. Higher thickness upto 50 mm can also be manufactured.

We can manufacture Technical felt in sheet and Rolls, being a promising supplier we can offer you in cut size according to your individual requirement. General Roll Length varies between 4 to 8 Meters and Width from 1.5 to 2 Meters, depending upon the thickness and density.

Colour: Technical felt are manufactured from natural off-white/cream colour wool fibers. Color of felt does not affect its performance, Technical felt is also available in grey shade.

Technical felt can be used in temperature ranging from -40 C to +100 C. Technical Wool felt should offer a near constant coefficient of friction in both dry & wet condition.

industrial technical felt

Industrial Technical felt is engineered to cater all the industrial applications. It is available in Technical wool felt and Technical needle felt.

Technical Wool felt is made from Wool fibers by felting process whereas Technical Needle felt is manufactured by Needling process. In technical wool felt we can accomplish high degree of Hardness whereas in Technical Needle felt the higher Density cannot be achieved because of manufacturing constraints. Wool, Rayon and Polyester can be used in technical needle felt. 

technical wool felt technical needle felt

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Technical felt is used in many industries and for many applications. Technical felt can fulfil an almost unlimited number of functions like wicking / fluid transmission, lubricating and sealing, vibration and sound absorption.




technical felt

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