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1. We are felt manufacturer and felt supplier . All types of felt is available in our felt shop.

2. Best Quality at low price . You can buy felt from our felt shop, for on time delivery we will courier it to you.

3. All Requirements , Small or Big are equally important for us .

4. A Family owned Business , Manufacturer & Exporters of Felt since 1990 .

5. We offer wide Range of products , if your specific requirement is not listed in our product section then contact us , we will try to develop it for you .

6. Continuous improvement and innovation of all our products and services.

7. Individual employees are held responsible for maintaining the required quality levels in their work.

8. Our service - Heat press, Cutting as per drawing, Coating, Dye Colouring and printing.

We are committed to being environmentally aware, and support programs that improve our environmental performance reduce our company’s environmental impact. We seek to reduce the effects our business activities that have on the environment by supporting initiatives such as:

◆ Reduction of material water
◆ energy consumption
◆ Minimizing Waste and Recycling