Welcome to Woollen Textile Industries - Wool felt we offer is made from wool fiber which can also be blended with other fiber . Wool felt can be called pressed felt , woolen felt , industrial felt , engineering felt , packing felt . Wool felt uses its woolen fiber properties with use of heat, moisture and friction to become woolen felt . In order to make it usable as industrial felt or engineering felt the density of wool felt has to be higher compared to other wool felt such as packing felt , pressed felt , Wool felt is available in thickness from 1 mm to 50 mm

Wool Felt




Felt & felt products are available in wide variety and range. We are one of the leading felt manufacturer India & wool felt products exporter. Felt can be manufactured from many fibers such as synthetic felt, woolen felt. There are many process of manufacturing felt like Nonwoven Felt, pressed felt, woven felt, needled felt,compressed felt, etc.

The use of felt is both industrial and domestic. Industrial felt is used in engineering units as engineering felt, felt gasket, felt washer, felt strip.It is also being used in many other industries for various applications such as filter felt, packing felt, technical felt, wicking felt. Felt fabric is also being used as domestic application like coloured felt, decorative felt, acoustic felt for insulation, saddlery felt, antivibration pad under table/chair

There are various other products & felt components also which are being manufactured from felt sheet , felt roll, felt pad such as felt bob, felt wheel, felt disc, felt seal, felt tool, felt buff, felt mop. These are all used as polishing felt. We can also offer you endless felt, these are called in different names like felt tube, endless clearer cloth , felt sleeve, felt belt.

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